Frequently Asked Questions


Why was BioSmart created?

  • Hospital acquired infections from MRSA and other drug-resistant microbes continue to increase, resulting in significant cost and risk to the healthcare community
  • Studies have shown that textiles serve as sites for bacterial contamination
  • There are limited antimicrobial textile solutions that are both durable and effective against a broad range of bacteria and viruses
  • Technology enhanced textiles can be a significant contributor to a HAI prevention program

What is BioSmart?

  • A textile technology that binds chlorine to the fabric surface
  • Work in home and industrial laundries (durable through multiple washes)
  • Recharges after every wash with EPA-registered chlorine bleach
  • BioSmart has been successfully tested against multiple bacteria and viral strains BioSmart has passed ISO skin irritation testing and skin sensitization testing
  • Patented technology US 7,998,886

How does BioSmart work?

Maxima ESD

What is Maxima ESD?

  • Maxima ESD and Maxima ( Burlington ) are polyester high-density (HD), calendared static dissipative fabrics that contain ESD strips to help repel fluids and bacteria.
  • Fabric is suitable for aseptic environments.
  • Maxima ESD garments can be worn in a variety of industries which include pharmaceutical, biotechnical, biological and food processing.
  • Designed for cleanrooms up to and including Class 10 (ISO 4) where bacterial filtration, static charges, particulate and fluid resistance is desired. Available with antimicrobial treatment (Aegis)